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Treaty Pie is open 6.30-11pm Mon, Thur & Fri. Sat & Sun 6-11pm.


We currently have vacancies available for Apprentice Bakers to join our team, starting at the end of September 2021. You will be based at our Old Swan Bakery, L13 3AS, and the course will be delivered in collaboration with Wigan & Leigh College.

It will be for 30 hours per week. Working hours to include: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10am-5.30pm every week. Then one shift out of Friday, Saturday and Sunday 4.30pm-12am each week. This is on a 3 week rotation.

As an apprentice will be shadowing our experienced bakers and will begin with table work, preparing tins for the oven. Then move on to mixing and oven work. You will go through our full training and development plans to become full accredited on multiple items on our menu. You will make items such as Cakes, Brownies, Cookie Pies, Doughnuts and will also have capacity to create your own products from scratch.

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