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Waitress The Musical

On Monday the 9th of May, we took a group of our staff members to see the smash hit Waitress: the musical at the lovely Liverpool Empire. The musical centres around Joes Pie Diner, a restaurant in Indianna which specialises in all things pie. This performance was seriously entertaining to watch! There were tear-inducing moments, joyful moments, moments that made us laugh-out-loud; and of course moments that made us appreciate the pleasantries of enjoying a simple-but-delectable pie. 

All of the actors/actresses were so incredible in their performance, especially the wonderful Chelsea Halfpenny who gave an amazing performance as the star of the show Jenna, a waitress who sent us on a rollercoaster of emotions with her story. We were all blown away by her talent, and her beautiful rendition of “she used to be mine” had us close to tears. 

We also loved Wendy Mae Browns performance of Becky, it’s safe to say she had all of us in fits of laughter! You really felt like the characters on the stage were real people; all their different, unique personalities clearly portrayed in the way they interacted with each other. 

One of the main focuses of the show is lead character Jenna’s unique and often strange pie creations. So we thought what better way to thank the cast than to treat them to their very own ‘Treaty Pie’! 

We put together this delicious cake for the cast and crew of the show, decorated from top to bottom in blue and pink, the colours of the waitress uniforms the characters wear in the show. We hope our creation gave the cast and crew some well needed fuel before and after their amazing performance!

During the interval we were able to get some refreshing drinks and a ‘few’ tasty snacks (obviously!). This gave us the opportunity to take in how beautiful the inside of this theatre is, and to appreciate its impressive views. The atmosphere was perfect, you could really feel the buzz of excitement as the audience waited in anticipation for the second half of the show. All of the staff were super helpful and polite, the facilities were spotless and the tasty ice-cream was just the cherry on-top! 

There were rounds of applause all around after each amazing musical number, and not a single person hesitated to give a standing ovation when the cast took to the stage to give their final bows.

We’d like to say a special thank you to the Liverpool Empire, who we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with, for their hospitality and for giving us an amazing night. 

Those who follow our Instagram will have saw that we were gifted 2 tickets to give away to the show. If you weren’t lucky enough to win tickets, we recommend clicking HERE to book yours before the final show this Saturday 14th May!! 

We know our winner had an amazing time and couldn’t recommend the show highly enough! They also received a Mermaid Marshmallow Pie made by us, if it’s something you’d interested in seeing on our menu then be sure to drop us a message on Socials.